Skills Matrix

Work related experience/skills matrix (update 2011)

Major Skills Months Level Year Last Used
HTML/XHTML (all versions) 12 (yrs) Specialist Skills 2013
CSS (all versions) 12 (yrs) Specialist Skills 2013
Javascript 12 (yrs) Specialist Skills 2013
JQuery 12 Specialist Skills 2013
.Net (ASP, C#, VB) 15 Thorough Practical  
PHP 36 Thorough Practical 2010
ASP 123 Specialist Skills 2011
VB Script 123 Specialist Skills 2011
JSP, JSTL 13 Thorough Practical 2013
MySQL Server 38 Specialist Skills 2011
MS SQL Server 43 Specialist Skills 2009
XML 28 Thorough Practical 2013


Other Skills :

Languages: C++, Java, Win API etc. – Methodologies/Process: Agile, Method/1, PMBOK. – Management Skills: Human/Computer (UI) Interaction Design, Project Management/Planning, Development Management, Support Process Planning, Line/General Management. – Applications Skills: SAP R/3 ITS, SAP R/3 InfoDB, SAP R/3 CIP. – Graphics Skills: Adobe Photoshop, 3D Max (2010), Corel Painter, Adobe InDesign, Bryce 3D.


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